Funding Overview

The funding page describes the various ways you can make money using Cloud Beacon, the ways that Cloud Beacon makes money and the ways that the money is distributed across the various elements. In the spirit of transparency, details about the current overheads and revenue can be found below.


Cloud Beacon is owned first and foremost by the community it creates. We utilize various mechanisms and practices to ensure that the finances it generates goes to the right place. To the Projects and People that make it the fun and powerful platform it is meant to be.

There are three main categories of financial transactions that happen within Cloud Beacon:

Cloud Beacon Fund

What is Cloud Beacon Funding?

    The Cloud Beacon Fund is a central pot of money generated by the community members. Ad revenue, Transactional charges and Donations go to this fund and are used to fund the Projects voted for by the community and manage the overheads of the site. 80% of the un-allocated part of this fund is re-distributed back to the community once a year. The User Wallet function is used partly for this purpose. Users can either choose to withdraw this money or pledge it to Projects or other members that they believe in. The remaining 20% is rolled over to the next financial year to cover any charges. Charges relate to things like PayPal transactions and overheads. The roll-over is also used for funding new Projects, ensuring Cloud Beacon remains capable of delivering its mission.

How does it work?

Funding Projects

The majority of the Cloud Beacon central fund is aimed at providing a revenue stream to fund the various Projects generated by the community. The specific mechanism for determining how much of this fund goes to which Projects is yet to be defined. This will however, be set largely by the will of the community by voting on Projects they want developed.

Redistributing unused funding back to the community

Once a year on the 10th of July (starting 10/07/21), 80% of the available funds* in the Cloud Beacon central fund are redistributed back to the community. The wallet on your account will be credited with a portion of the fund. The amount you receive will depend on your role within Cloud Beacon. This money can be withdrawn or pledged to the projects or people you want to support. There are 6 main groups of roles. The amount you receive will depend on which of these groups you fall under:


These are generally the newcomers to Cloud Beacon as this is the role you are automatically prescribed when you join. Members stay at this level if they rarely contribute to the site. Contributing includes commentary, voting often or revising Project files. This group do not receive a portion of the fund.


Participants are users that are actively participating in Cloud Beacon by commenting, using the forums and liking things. To become a participant you have to make a request to be upgraded and are using Cloud Beacon for its intended purpose. This group will receive 20% of the fund.


Contributors are the members that have added posts or generated content for a Project. These users also do the other things that participants do. Like participants, you must apply for this role and there must be evidence of activity. 40% of the fund will go to these members.


Moderators manage the decorum of the site, deal with user roles and trim/maintain the posting activity where needed. This role can be applied for, however you will typically be asked by a member of the admin team to join. This group will receive 10% of the available funds.


This group are the members that are maintaining the site and managing financial transactions and other security critical tasks. This is an invite only role. 8% of the fund will be released to these members.

Eternal Dragon

This title is awarded to a member chosen by the Cloud Beacon community that has been deemed of great importance to the site. This user will have contributed greatly to Cloud Beacon in some way for that particular year. There is only one Eternal Dragon per year and they are chosen exclusively by the will of the people. This User will receive 2% of the Cloud Beacon fund on the year it is awarded, then become an Admin member should they choose to.

*Available funds is equal to the total funds in the account less the overheads of running the site.

Why Redistribute?

There are several reasons why we are choosing to redistribute the central Cloud Beacon fund back to the community every year. Firstly, it is to keep in line with the spirit of what Cloud Beacon is meant to be, a community for the people. Redistributing the unspent revenue back to the community gives Cloud Beacon a way of supporting the members who make it a worthwhile place for innovation. It encourages the community to stay committed to sharing their ideas and gives everybody the chance to receive something back for their efforts. It also prevents Cloud Beacon from unnecessarily holding onto resources that could otherwise be better spent enriching lives on the individual level.

Re-distributing accumulated wealth indirectly strengthens the community. Cloud Beacon is nothing without its members. By giving back it incentivizes those members to stay, to share Cloud Beacon out and in turn, for the Cloud Beacon community to keep growing, thereby increasing its ability to enact the change we want to see in the world.

Project Funding

What is Project Funding?

Project Funds are fundraisers aimed at specific Projects. Every Project will have a campaign created that feeds the funds to the Project required for resources and labour. If you see a Project you want to succeed, this is a way to directly help. Simply go to the “Funding” tab of the Project, select or type in the amount you want to donate to the Project and hit the “Back Campaign” button. Fill out the payment form and your contribution will be added to that Project.

The Project Funds will also be supplemented by the Cloud Beacon central Fund up to 125% of the total projected cost of hardware and other resources if the community votes in favour of supporting it.

How are the funds split?

The Project funds are firstly used to buy hardware and other resources necessary to complete the scope of the Project. If more is raised however, the extra is distributed to the team that worked on that particular Project. The overflow of funds is released to the team once a quarter and the Project remains open indefinitely. This continues even after the scope has been achieved, thereby creating a passive income to the team. The project team will continue to be paid as long as donations are still being made.

The overflow that goes to the team is broken into two categories:

  • – Core Team Members
  • – Community contributors

Each category receives a total of 50% of the overflow. Community contributors are members of Cloud Beacon that posted content in the “User Generated Content” tables that was then added to the “Moderated Content” tables. Getting more of your content added to the “Moderated Content” will result in you earning a proportionally greater slice of the “Community Contributors” portion.

Example: If there are a total of two Community contributors where Member 1 gets 1 file added to the “Moderated” tables and Member 2 gets 9 files added to the “moderated” tables, member 1 will receive 10% of the overflow allocated to the community contributors and member 2 will get 90%. If the total funds raised over what the Project needed to complete the work-scope was £1000, Member 1 will receive a total of £50 credited to their wallet and Member 2 will receive a total of £450. The remaining £500 is distributed evenly between the “Core Team Members”. Core Team Members are the team members named in the “Team” tab of the Project.

User to User Transactions

What are User Transactions?

Cloud Beacon provides a method in which money can be transferred from one member to another through wallet transactions. This is so that there is a mechanism for members to be rewarded for contributing on a more directed level. Send a member a little cash with this function if you appreciate their ideas or work.

Cloud Beacon takes a 3% cut of all these transactions which is added to the Cloud Beacon central fund.


How does it work?

To send money to another member you will need to find and copy the email address of the user you want to send to. Once you have this, go to the wallet page. This can be found by clicking on the wallet icon on the left of the main menu:

You then click on the “Wallet Transfer” button, paste the email into the “select whom to transfer” box, type the amount you want to send (it must be less than your balance), add a note and then hit “Proceed to transfer”. Easy. The member you have sent to will receive the payment instantly and be notified. They can then withdraw it from their account for cold hard cash money or use it on the site. There is also a button on every post that will direct you to the wallet page if clicked.

Financial Breakdown

Site Overheads

The general overheads of running Cloud Beacon are displayed in the table below:

Overhead NameAnnual Cost (£)
Elementor Pro Plugin41.50
Wallet Withdrawal plugin41.50
WPUF Pro plugin50
Like Button VIP plugin19
Site Costs (I.e my mortgage)4860

Cloud Beacon Fund Revenue

The below table details the revenue that is attributed to the central Cloud Beacon Fund. 

Revenue SourceYear Total (£)
(from/to April 30th)
Transaction Charges0
(updated 24/04/20)

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