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COVID-19 Face Mask Drive

Steampunk mask
Publish Date
7 May 2020


COVID-19 has rapidly reshaped almost all of our daily lives. (Katharina Buchholz) states that over one third of the planet is currently experiencing some form of lock-down due to the virus. COVID-19 has already claimed the lives of over 250000 people and led to an unprecedented economic impact which we are yet to fully appreciate.   According to The Guardian the measures to protect against COVID-19 have already triggered the deepest recession the world has seen for almost a Century. If this lock-down continues indefinitely, it will likely cause mass job losses and poverty across the globe. A global recession of this magnitude will no doubt cause further preventable deaths and destruction. We cannot, however, simply ignore the virus and act in a business as usual manner. We must implement changes that aid in protecting the vulnerable parts of the community. Most countries have now passed the peak but are still experiencing sustained daily increases to cases. Unfortunately, if we were to remove lock-downs now, there is a clear risk of a second wave of infections. We must maintain the rate of infection (R0) at less than 1 in order to fully eliminate the virus.


Description of Idea

The idea is very simple, we should start a community COVID-19 Face Mask Drive. Some members of Cloud Beacon will produce cloth face masks and other members deliver those masks evenly across their communities. The aim is to deliver at least one face mask to every person we can.

One thing that the CDC recommends to help reduce the spread of the virus is to wear a face mask. A homemade cloth mask is recommended if you do not have access to proper PPE. Cloth face masks do not provide much (if any) protection to the wearer from COVID-19. They do however, reduce the aerosol affect from breathing. This means an infected person wearing a cloth face mask is less likely to spread the disease to other people. The benefit of this is a reduction in the virus R0.

There are also many 3D printable COVID-19 face mask models available on various websites. Cults3D provides dozens of downloadable 3DP masks that could also be printed and distributed by the community for the same effect. These should be directed to the most vulnerable members of the communities as cloth masks do not protect the wearer from the virus.


This idea mainly requires 3 things to work:

  • Mask Manufacturers: To be a mask manufacturer all you need is cloth, basic sowing skills and time. You would also need to be willing to send the masks you create to a specified address. If you have a 3D printer you could also participate with 3D printed masks.
  • Mask Distributors: To be a mask distributor you would need to be comfortable with sharing your address for people to send you masks. You would also need access to some form of transport to deliver the masks and be willing to deliver them within your area.
  • Distribution Tracking: A method is also required to know what houses have already received masks and which have still had none delivered. There should be a method of knowing which members of the community are most at risk. These members should be prioritized to receive a mask first.
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    The main benefit of of this idea is that it will increase the adoption of wearing masks in public and reduce the spread. This will reduce the chance and severity of a second wave of infections happening once the lock-downs are eased. Ultimately, a higher number of people wearing masks will equate to more lives spared. This idea is totally scalable and will work with even just a small number of participating members. The more people that contribute, the greater the benefit will be. This is part of a much larger COVID-19 mask drive across the planet.


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