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The Projects page is for browsing the current active projects available on Cloud Beacon.

All IP shared on Cloud Beacon is shared with the express purpose of being free and open source including any files generated in the individual Projects.

Project Page format

Each project is made up of several tabs of information:

About provides a detailed description on what the project is for, why it is required and where the “Headquarters” of the project is located.

Planning is a space for planning out the spec, scope, experiments and specific tasks of the project.

Work is the most important tab of the project. It is where all work files are shared and developed by the community. Files on the details, design, software and hardware are posted here and voted on by the community.

Funding shows a campaign fundraiser for funding physical validation of the project and supporting the project team.

Team displays details on the core team members for the project and community members that have contributed to the project.

News is where any news on the project is shared. This could be things like features on other sites/ platforms, businesses that have adopted the tech, experiments completed etc.

If you see a Project you like be sure to like it and contribute to its success by adding files in its work section, commenting, sharing it out and donating.

Current Method

All new projects are by invite only and added by admin due to the manual nature of adding them onto the site. To get a Project Page created, post an idea and have it attract positive attention from the community. If your idea becomes a top rated post admin will send you a link to the project form.

This form will ask you many questions about your project including things like what the project is, why its worth doing, links to youtube videos and pictures. It will also ask you to upload some files for the project such as a Proposal, CAD models, Software etc. If you do not have any files to share, don’t worry, you can leave it blank. A project is more likely to succeed if the community has a good starting point to develop it from so the key is to share as much as possible.

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