What is Cloud Beacon?

Cloud Beacon is a place for Inventors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, tinkerers and creative types to share their projects and concepts to a community of like-minded individuals to replicate, help develop and support in order to accelerate the adoption of new ideas into the technological zeitgeist.

This community allows anyone from any location, all backgrounds and level of experience to play a part in building the world of tomorrow by contributing time, ideas, improvements or financial/emotional support to the concepts you want to see be brought to fruition.

Why does it exist?

The purpose of Cloud Beacon is to leverage the power of the crowd to bring about tangible change to the world and help address some of the many distressing issues we are currently facing as a planet and a people. It provides a voice to the voiceless and a platform for the many people around the world with brilliant ideas trapped in their minds and no way to push them out into reality. Cloud Beacon lets us come together, organize and move the mountains standing in the way of the path to a better future.

The Problems we face are far too large for any one person to impact alone, but together they are trivial.

The intention of Cloud Beacon is to do the ground work to prove new concepts in a 100% open-source environment for the express purpose of triggering businesses to adopt the technologies and develop them into marketable products. By building intellectual property in this manner no one corporation or individual can monopolize said technology. This means that if the idea is good, many companies will do it, thereby accelerating the rate of change and ensuring that the end products available to consumers are kept affordable and widely accessible.

Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.

Louis Pasteur

How does it work?


Cloud Beacon works on the premise that new concepts and inventions are shared freely and made available on this forum for other members to contribute ideas and development toward. The project grows from an initial seed by sharing all work in an open source location that members can add to in whatever manner they choose. For instance, if you are a software developer you might download a software package from a given project, develop new features, then post the newly amended version back to the project workspace. Other members can then download the new version and build further onto it.

A cornerstone of Cloud Beacon is that all ideas and work are shared freely. If you add to a project you must expect that work to be shared and used by others within or outside of the community. Any IP shared on Cloud Beacon is shared with the express purpose of being open source. The benefit of this working model is that your ideas and work are more likely to make it onto the market and become commercially available technologies, the downside is that you forfeit the right to exclusive ownership of that work.

Project Lifecycle

There is a basic structure to how a project is born on Cloud Beacon and it goes as follows:


The Discuss page is a forum area where the community can have open conversations about potential issues or ideas that might be worth exploring further. If you have an idea and want to test the water with the community, you can post it in the ideas forum under the relevant category and start a discussion. Similarly if there is some problem you want exploring you can posit it to the community here.


If a challenge has been identified that you believe needs to be addressed you can go to the Challenges page and create a post detailing what the problem is and why you think it needs addressing. For example, you might have decided that COVID-19 is not all that great and want it to be addressed so you would post here why you think the plague sucks and needs attention. other members would read your post and then show their agreement or disagreement by upvoting or downvoting.


Now we know what the challenges that the community feel need addressing are we can go right ahead and address them. This is what the ideas page is for. You may read a challenge post and have a sudden moment of clarity and know just the thing to do to fix it. In this moment you want to head on over to the ideas page, hit the add post button and fill out the form detailing what you’re thinking, include drawings, written proposals, patents and designs if you have them. Just like the challenge page, this will create a post that other members can then read, download and review your files and vote on it. If you have an idea not related to a challenge, that’s cool, you can post that too. It works the same.


If your idea is a hit and the community have voted in favour then a project will be created for it and posted in the projects page with you as its leader. Projects come in two general flavours; Inventions and Movements. Inventions, as the name suggest, are inventive ideas and will typically pertain to some sort of technological advancement. Movements are about creating a change that requires some large-scale cooperation. An example of a movement project would be a global drive to create and distribute masks to protect against COVID-19.

Projects on Cloud Beacon are open source work-spaces that allow (and rely) on community contribution to grow and evolve. A core team will be assembled, a funding campaign is established and file sharing areas are created. The community then Defines, Designs, Develops and Tests the new technology together by contributing improvements and funding to the projects they want to support.

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