Join and start topics about the challenges we are facing as a species and how we might solve those problems.


Post your ideas for new technologies and inventions and highlight issues in the world that you want to see solved for the community to view and assess.


You decide what Projects, Ideas and Challenges are taken further by voting so if you see something you like, be sure to upvote it!


The best ideas will become Projects. You can be part of developing new technologies by downloading Project data files, developing them and then posting them back to the project.


You can earn cold hard cash money dollars through Cloud Beacon by helping develop Projects and through user to user transactions. The more you put into Cloud Beacon, the more you get out of it!


All IP shared on Cloud Beacon is open source. You are free to replicate any ideas shared on this platform for the purpose of education, fun or even profit. Cloud Beacon was made for sparking new businesses!

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